GoTo telescopes

  1. Celestron NexStar 4SE

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    • Striking and unique catadioptric telescope with many features
    • High-quality aluminium housing
    • Very user-friendly
    • Full GoTo functionality with almost 40.000 pre-programmed objects
    • Including camera shutter cable


  2. National Geographic 90/1250mm GoTo Cassegrain Telescope

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    • Automatic Cassegrain telescope with GoTo-System
    • Astronomy software included
    • Lens diameter: 90 mm
    • Focal lenght: 1250 mm
    • With compass, moon filter and star map


  3. Celestron 90LCM Telescope

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    • Telescope suitable for motivated beginners and experienced users
    • Accessory tray included
    • Complete GoTo system
    • Good optics and coatings
    • Motorized azimuth tripod


  4. Celestron 80LCM Computerized Telescope

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    • Ideal refractor for beginning and advanced astronomers
    • Alt-azimuth motorised tripod
    • Superb optics
    • Advanced GoTo system
    • Including accessory tray


  5. Celestron 76LCM Computerized Telescope

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    • The Ideal Newtonian reflector telescope for beginners
    • Alt-azimuth motorised mount
    • Good optics
    • Includes accessory tray
    • GoTo with more than stored 4,000 objects


  6. Celestron CPC 1100 XLT

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    • Computerised GoTo mount
    • With GPS
    • 40.000 objects in database
    • Revolutionary alignment method
    • Ergonomic design


  7. National Geographic 70/350 automatic refractor telescope

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    • GoTo-telescope for beginning astronomers
    • Ideal as a travel telescope
    • With solid aluminium tripod
    • Including compass, GoTo Handbox and astro software
    • Diameter objective: 70 millimeter


  8. Celestron Advanced VX 9.25" SCT (XLT)

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    • Geavanceerde Schmidt-Cassegrain telescoop met zeer goede objectieven
    • Suitable for astrophotography
    • Schmidt-Cassegrain construction
    • 235mm primary mirror
    • Celestron StarBright coated mirrors


GoTo telescope

A GoTo telescope refers to a kind of telescope mount, including software that automatically points the telescope at astronomical objects selected by the user. Both axes of a GoTo-mount system are motor-driven and they are generally computer-controlled. This enables you to pre-program what you want to see!

Ease of use

The GoTo function prevents you from having to go out and search for space objects yourself. You can always be sure that you focus on the right star or planet. There is no need to adjust the telescope yourself either, this is done automatically! All in all, this is a great invention, especially for the beginning astronomer or amateur astronomer. The GoTo function enables you to find your way in space at the push of a button.

Turning on the GoTo telescope

When you activate the GoTo software, you will be asked to set the latitude, date and time. Mind you, there are models which automatically do this via a connected or built-in GPS-system.

The GoTo telescope tripod

The two types of tripods that you can use for the GoTo telescope are the alt-azimuth tripod and the parallactic tripod.

About an alt-azimuth mount on a GoTo telescope

An alt-azimuth tripod requires you to point the GoTo system at a star that you need to keep in the middle of your field of view. The entered time, location and coordinates of the star allow the system to navigate in space and find every object. When you require even more accuracy, you may use a second guiding star that needs to be very far removed from the first guiding star yet close to the object that you are looking for. You may need this certainty when the tripod is not positioned level on the ground. It is also handy to use two stars when a wrong time has been entered as this prevents the GoTo system from establishing the right coordinates.

About a Parallactic mount on a GoTo telescope

A parallactic tripod requires you to point the mount at the northern celestial pole or the southern celestial pole. If the telescope is positioned well, it will be pointed at a bright star. Then you will be asked if you want to focus it in the middle of your field of view. Using a second star will definitely benefit accuracy.

Meade, Celestron, Skywatcher & Konus

At you will mainly find GoTo-telescopes from Meade, Celestron, Skywatcher & Konus. The GoTo-system is supplied as an adaptor (hand-computer) on a cord that is very easy to use.