Meade ETX90 PE telescope + AutoStar

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  • Comes with an Autostar database of 30,000 objects
  • Includes 26mm eyepiece
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Meade ETX90 PE telescope
The Meade ETX90 PE telescope is a very popular Meade telescope and the perfect telescope for the amateur astronomer. The Meade ETX90 differs from most telescopes because searching objects and aligning the telescope with the Autostar controller has never been so easy. The motorized telescope has a database of 30,000 objects. You press a button and tell the telescope what object you wish to see, and the Meade ETX 90 telescope will do the rest!

Finding objects made easy
You want to see deep-space galaxies? Just push the button and the telescope moves and focuses on the deep sky galaxy of your choice. You want to see the moon, or Jupiter, or other stars? Select the object that you want to see and push the button, the Meade ETX90PE AutoStar controller will automatically point your telescope to the desired object and places it right in your eyepiece.

What makes this telescope so special?

  1. First of all, this telescope has "Easy Align" with "SmartFinder". Normally speaking, you have to align your telescope manually to focus on a particular star. This is no longer necessary because the telescope will automatically do this for you. The ETX 90PE telescope sets itself up, aims at the north and sets the time. The only thing you need to do is enter a location. Then the telescope focuses on the first alignment star. You can then use the smart finder to centre the red dot on the target stars for ultra-precise point accuracy. And that's it!
  2. In addition to EasyAlign the telescope has a controller, the so-called "AutoStar". This is a handset that automatically shows the objects that you want to see. There is a database of 30,000 objects, so you will never get bored. Furthermore, "Tonight's Best" is included; this system shows you the best objects to see with your telescope on a particular night and time.
  3. The optics of this telescope are exceptionally good. Meade has used an optical design that we call "Maksutov-Cassegrain". This means that the telescope uses both lenses and mirrors. The optics ensure minimal deflection and are so bright and clear that the ETX-90PE telescope consistently outperforms telescopes with a larger aperture. The glass in the telescope is BK-7 glass, the mirrors are made of Pyrex.
  4. The telescope has "ultra-high transmission coatings (UHTC). This coating enhances your image because it is designed to optimize the visual, photographic and CCD imaging of the ETX90. Stars, galaxies and nebulae will be a lot brighter.
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Question: Anonymous, 17 September 2014 what does the 'PE' mean in this models name please ie ETX90 PE? Thanks Answer: It means it is a Premier Edition. The PE (Premier Edition) model dropped an optical finderscope in favor of a "red-dot" finder.

Question: Anonymous, 16 September 2014 Does this model have the protective case and carrying bag like the 'BASIC' [67344 / 85893] model on your website? Answer: The Case and Bag are part of a Special Package, just for the Basic model.

Question: Anonymous, 6 February 2014 When a particular object is located, does this telescope remain tracking the object? Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Anonymous, 4 August 2012 Does this telescope take pictures or do you have to attach a camera to it somehow? And if so are there any particular cameras that are more compatible than others? Answer: You have to connect a camera to it. You can use a standard DSRL camera. You will need a t2 ring and camera adapter.

Question: P B, 20 November 2011 Does this telescope need mains supply electricity, or can it be powered by battery or car battery? Answer: This telescope can be supplied both with batteries as well as a 12V adapter.

Question: nick, 10 November 2011 Is this telescope powerful enough to capture a reasonable image of saturn inc rings via a slr?? im new to this and am currently using a very old telescope from when i was i child and i am looking for a new up to date and good quility item. Answer: The Meade ETX90 is powerful enough to capture a reasonable image of the Saturn rings via digital single reflex camera. Being a catadioptric and thus all-round telescope, the ETX90 will be able to capture these images well.

Question: J Richards, 5 October 2011 What do I need to connect the telescope to a laptop? Answer: You would need the following accessories:

and if your laptop does not support serial (like most modern laptops) you would also need the following:

Question: shawn, 31 March 2011 can you connect a digital slr to this telescope? Answer: Yes you can, you would need the following accessories:

and specifically for your SLR

Specifications Back to top
  Type Catadioptric
  Brand Meade
  Series Meade ETX
  Guarantee 2 years
  GoTo system
  Mounting Parallactic/Equatorial
  Bearings in Azimuth / RA Nylon
  Bearings in elevation / DEC Nylon
  Slow motion controls Electric, 9-speed dual-axis
Dimensions & Weight
  Weight 15 kg
  Tripod material Aluminium
  Objective diameter ø 90 mm
  Minimum focus distance 3,5 m
  Construction Maksutov-Cassegrain
  Focal length 1250 mm
  Primary mirror Pyrex Glass
  Diameter secondary mirror 27,9 mm
  Obstruction percentage 9,6%
  Correction lens BK-7 optical glass, Grade A
  Magnitude limit 8,9 mag.
  Resolving power 1,3 arcsecond
  Maximum useful magnification 180×
  Focal ratio 1 : 14
  Eyepiece diameter ø 1,25″
  Eyepieces SP26
  Number of eyepieces 1 pc.
  Viewfinder LED finder
  Hemisphere operation Northern and Southern
  RA/AZ motor drive system DC servo motors
  Autostar objects 30000 objects
  DEC/EL motor drive system DC servo motors
  Suitable for beginners
  Easy to transport 10
  Easy to set up 9
  Easy to use 9
  Lunar/planetary observation 10
  Deep space observation 6
  Lunar/planetary photography 10
  Deep space photography 8
  Daytime terrestrial observation 8
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