Meade ETX-80

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Meade ETX 80
The Meade ETX80 telescope is the successor of the popular Meade ETX70 telescope. The aperture is 14% larger than that of the ETX70, increasing the resulting light output so that the picture is clearer and more detailed.

You will be able to observe lunar craters, the clouds of Jupiter and the rings on Saturn.

The Meade ETX80 telescope comes with an "AutoStar" computer. Finding objects has never been so easy. The AutoStar automatically aligns the telescope and can also automatically find celestial objects att the touch of a button. The AutoStar computer has a databse featuring more than 1,400 celestial objects, enough for hours of fun.

AutoStar Controller

The AutoStar controller helps you quickly find and GO-TO to more than 1,400 objects in the sky. View planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae and comets all at the push of a button. AutoStar is pre-programmed with several guided tours, including the popular Tonight's Best. To experience this, you only need to enter a date, time and location. The AutoStar controller can also be updated! Visit to download software upgrades, guided tours and temporary objects (free). Keep your AutoStar up-to-date and your telescope will grow with you over the coming years.

The Meade ETX80 telescope further comes with a DVD that informs you about the sky and celestial objects.

The Meade ETX80 telescope has a number of advanced features:

  1. It has a built-in Barlow lens that can be raised if desired
  2. Has a built-time chip (TC), which ensures an exact calibrated time and date
  3. Includes a level indicator/compass for a faster and easier start
  4. Includes a strong, adjustable aluminum tripod
  5. Includes two premium four-element 1.25 inch Super Plössl eyepieces (SP9.7mm, SP26mm) which provide a comfortable eye support and a wide field of view
  6. AutoStar software on DVD (PC only)
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question | Friday November 23 2012 at 08:41 AM | Usefulness: 42 out of 75 | a few days in possession

I bought the ETX-80 last week. It works perfectly. All Autostar command are in the German language. Can I change the Autostar controls on English language and how.

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Great Telescope for a Beginner  

Mau Craze-Gray, St. Bees | Saturday March 17 2012 at 10:19 AM | Usefulness: 99 out of 144 | a month in possession

After looking around for various telescopes for a beginner, I had read a number of reviews about this particular model. It was being purchased to replace a ‘beginners’ telescope which did not give the promised results that the company stated. All of the reviews on this telescope all seemed to be very positive so this was the one that I set my heart on. Trying to find one in stock however was a different story. So finding one on this site was a lucky turn of affairs.

Ordering was easy and customer service even better. When it did arrive I was surprised at the lightness of the telescope, compared to the one that I already had. The tri-pod comes in its own padded travel bag and it quite sturdy. Do not be put off by the size of the scope itself. It may be compact but the image it gives is excellent. There is also a switch which allows you to change to a camera mount at the back of the telescope. Although I have not had a lot of clear night sky’s since purchasing the telescope I have been very impressed at what I have seen through it. The GoTo function and control is great and allows you to move the scope with much better accuracy than manual control, particularly if you are as heavy handed as I am. Also, the location of the eyepiece means that you do not strain your back trying to get into the best position. As a person who suffers with back pain, this is a very good point

On the downside, the GoTo set up has a limited number of places that you can say you are close to. This means that you have to work out the change in distance/angles to compensate this etc. If you want to overcome this you need to have extra expense for the software that will allow your computer to control the scope using your actual location. it is only available for Windows OS, and as a Mac user I feel discriminated against (I do have dual boot on the beast so it is not too bad for me). The software disk that comes with it is very old, so you might want to go to Meade’s site to download the latest.

Another expense that you will have to spend to get the best out of if is to purchase more lenses in different sizes. The two that come with it are ok, but more will be required to get the ultimate use of the telescope.

In summary, a great beginners scope which does what it states. Extra money will need to be spent to get the ultimate use of it. I am a very happy kitty with it overall so I am looking forward to the weather to behave so I can get out there and use it more.

What kind of observations do you primarily do (or are you planning to do) with your telescope?

Planets, Moon, General Constellation Observation

  • Good design for comfortable use and ergonomics
  • Great overall control of movement
  • Easy Set up
  • Sturdy Tri-pod for size
  • Lightweight
  • Extra software required to really bring it into its own
  • Limited lens choice supplied with scope
  • Outdated CD software disk supplied

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Question: Anonymous, 14 November 2012 Hello. I understand that you don't sell the backpack version of this scope. However, I've heard that the version you do sell comes with a stronger tripod. Is this correct? Answer: Yes that is correct. The tripod of the Meade ETX AT is more reliable than the Meade ETX 80 BB version.

Question: david, 21 September 2012 Hi im completely new to astronomy,and im seriously considering buying the etx80 to start me off and i intend using the telescope from my bedroom window which has a southern outlook with little sodium light interference.Will i still be able to use the Go To setup to position the telescope even though i will have a southern outlook only to start with. Answer: You can use the GoTo with only a southern outlook, but when you do that you have to check first what objects you can find in the south. You can you use stellar maps to see what objects are available at that moment.
Ofcourse it would be better when the telescope has free range, but if thats no option it shouldnt be a problem to just observe the south.

Question: Gavin, 21 March 2012 Can a camera be attached to this telescope for astrophotography and if so how easy it it to do? Answer: This is possible and very easy.
The first thing you need is an SLR camera.
To connect the SLR camera you need a camera-adapter that matches the telescope eye piece fitting. Besides that, you also need a T2-ring that matches your camera. This is brand specific.
That is all you need.

Question: mike, 19 February 2012 can this be connected to the 'skysafari 3 PRO ' application for iphone ? using a 'skywire' Answer: Not that we know of

Question: Adrian, 22 January 2012 I have used ``4mm Reflector telescopes before on an equitorial mount but have had to suffice with manual drive :(. I want a telescope I can take out to a dark place and set up quickly, mount a Canon DSLR (I have a T2 mounting ring) and point at something in the sky and take a long exposure shot sequence. Is this the telescope for me? Does this mount keep the scope 'upright' when taking a long exposure as I have heard that some mounts will allow the motion of the Earth to effectively rotate the star, planet, galaxy thus spoiling a long exposure. Answer: To answer your question: this telescope does have a feature to counter the rotation of the earth thus allowing you to take long exposure photo's. However this telescope has a 80mm lens/mirror and is not particularly helpful for nebulae or deep sky objects as the light gathering power is just not enough. If you want to take pictures of deep sky objects we would advice to take a telescope (with GoTo mount to counter the rotations of the earth) that has a lens that is at least 100mm.

However if you plan to take pictures of the moon, jupiter saturnus etc then this telescope will suit your needs. If you already have a T2 mounting ring you would only need the following accessory: or

Question: Anonymous, 18 January 2012 Can i connect my laptop this telescope straight away Answer: No, you would need the following accessories: and

Question: John Nuttall, 3 January 2012 Hi. Pardon my ignorance but can 'go to' scopes track star movements? Answer: yes Go-To works by both 'looking up the object' as 'following the object' to counter the movement of the earth.

Question: Anonymous, 8 November 2011 um hey im 12 and im really into astronomy but i dont know much about telescopes though is this suitable for me? It would be my first proper telescope?? Hannah x Answer: Hello Hannah, thank you for your enquiry. The Meade ETX is a real nice entry telescope and would suit your needs to take your first steps into amateur astronomy. It also comes with a GoTo module which makes finding objects much easier.

Question: Sarah, 3 November 2011 Can I connect a laptop or camera to this telescope? Answer: Yes, you can. To control the telescope from your laptop you need the following accessory ( ). To connect a digital single refex camera to your computer, you need a camera adapter and a compatible t2 ring ( ).

Question: Sandro Musu, 1 August 2011 hi .. is this the best version of the etx 80 one can buy ? whats the tc version ? do you stock the backpack version ? Answer: Yes, it is. Meade ETX80 AT TC is the full name of this particular telescope. Unfortunately, we do not stock the backpack version.

Specifications Back to top
  Type Refractor
  Brand Meade
  Series Meade ETX
  Guarantee 2 years
  GoTo system
  Tripod material Aluminium
  Mounting Parallactic/Equatorial
  Slow motion controls Electric, 9-speed dual-axis
General functions
  Objective diameter ø 80 mm
  Construction Apochromatic
  Focal length 400 mm
  Magnitude limit 8,8 mag.
  Resolving power 1,5 arcsecond
  Maximum useful magnification 160×
  Focal ratio 1 : 5
  Eyepiece diameter ø 1,25″
  • SP26
  • SP9.7
  Number of eyepieces 2 pcs.
  Viewfinder EasyAlign with SmartFinder
  RA/AZ motor drive system DC servo motors
  Autostar objects 1400 objects
  DEC/EL motor drive system DC servo motors
  Suitable for beginners
  Easy to transport 10
  Easy to set up 9
  Easy to use 9
  Lunar/planetary observation 10
  Deep space observation 8
  Lunar/planetary photography 7
  Deep space photography 5
  Daytime terrestrial observation 10
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