• Helios Fine Brass 8040

Helios Fine Brass 8040

A classic, decorative telescope of superb quality! Description

Helios Fine Brass 8040
The Helios Fine Brass 8040 telescope is an elegant, very beautifully designed telescope that closely approaches the appearance of former times. This classic telescope is made of solid brass and the very sturdy tripod is made from high quality mahogany. Not only does this telescope havea stunning design. The functionality of the Helios Fine Brass Telescope is also excellent as it magnifies up to 28x. Besides, the 6x30 Finderscope guarantees a fast retrieval of the object you are looking for.

Terrestrial observations
All Helios Fine Brass models are equipped with a feature to view erected images. This makes it the perfect telescope for high quality astronomical observations in addition to terrestrial observations.

Goggle box
The goggle box of the Helios Fine Brass 8040 telescope is 40 inches long and this makes it particularly well-suited to view relatively small details in the planets and lunar landscape.

Helios Fine Brass 8040 review
In almost all reviews, the Helios Fine Brass 8040 telescope turns out to be an excellent telescope with a very good price-quality ratio. In particular, the handsome, nostalgic look of the telescope is considered a big plus.


  • Also suitable for terrestrial observations
  • Ideal for your library or living room
  • Made of massive copper


  • Decorative telescope
  • Helios
  • 2 years
GoTo system
  • Altazimuth
Tripod material
  • Wood
Objective diameter ø
  • 80 mm
  • Coated (C)
Magnitude limit
  • 8,8 mag.
Resolving power
  • 1,5 arcsecond
Maximum useful magnification
  • 160×


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  • Helios Fine Brass 8040
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