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Bresser erecting eyepiece 1.5x

Question: I've googled but can't find out whether or not this correcting eyepice will fit my bresser skylux ac 70/700. Do you know if it does or how I can find out how?

Answer from our expert: Both are 1,25" and will fit/.

Bresser erecting eyepiece 1.5x

Question: will this fit a MEADE EXT-70 ~ to date we have never been able to use this telescope as it came with no eyepiece, thank you

Answer from our expert: Yes, this will fit the ETX-70 telescope. you still need an eye piece though. This erecting eyepiece isn't a real eye piece, but a sollution to turn the image of the telescope upright combined with a real eye piece.

Bresser erecting eyepiece 1.5x

Question: Will this be suitable for the Bresser 80/900?

Answer from our expert: Yes this will work

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