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National Geographic 90/1250mm GoTo Cassegrain Telescope

Question: Can a digital camera be used with this telescope ? Regards

Answer from our expert: A normal digital camera won't work but it's possible to use a DSLR camera or a CCD camera.

National Geographic 76/700 reflector telescope EQ

Question: When I look through this telescope everything is upside down, have I assembled it wrong?

Answer from our expert: No, this is correct. Since telescopes are mainly used to look at the night sky they do not use an extra lens or mirror to flip the image right way up. This would decrease the image quality. There are erecting eyepieces available for telescopes, although this is not recommended for reflector telescopes.

Celestron 2x barlow T adapter universal

Question: Does this this screw on to celestron ultma 100 spotting. Scope

Answer from our expert: This adapter is not suitable for the Ultima spotting scopes.

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